Investment Advisory Overview

We are a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm.  This means our fees are based on services performed, not investments sold. We believe that by being fee-only, rather than commissioned-based, we provide objective investment advice  tailored to your needs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of people who work at Canon Capital Investment Advisory. When hiring additional staff we look for individuals who have excelled in  their profession while balancing work, family and community activities.

We believe that our unique combination of experience, education and genuine personal concern enables us to assist our clients in many ways not found elsewhere. Canon Capital Investment Advisory believes that the growth of our firm can be attributed to our unique approach and philosophy. We look forward to meeting the ever changing needs of both our current and prospective clients.

Disclaimer:  This web site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a complete description of our investment services or performance. This web-site is in no way a solicitation or  offer to sell securities or investment advisory services except, where applicable. Information throughout this site, whether stock quotes, charts, articles, or any other statement or statements regarding market or other financial information, is obtained from sources which we, and our suppliers believe reliable. Nothing on this web-site should be interpreted to  state or imply that past results are an indication of future performance. Neither we nor our information providers shall be liable for any errors or inaccuracies, regardless of cause, or the lack of timeliness

Personal Financial Affairs Services

We have developed services to help you manage your personal finances. Our staff can assist you with budgeting, cash flow analysis and developing a personal balance sheet. Members of our firm are knowledgeable in a variety of personal accounting software, including Quicken, Financial Navigator, Quickbooks and Money Works.

We are available for consultations on a variety of financial services such as: insurance needs, including life, disability and long term care, rollover of pension and  IRA, qualifying for a home mortgage and other loans, exercising stock options, early retirement packages, estate administration, and home inventory video.

In addition, we have developed a unique financial service tailored to senior citizens. We offer a service which allows you to remain in charge and independent, yet have the security of knowing that all financial details have been addressed each month. On a regular basis a member of our staff will meet with you and family members to review your financial needs. Within our personal affairs division we offer the following services: Bill paying with regular visits to you for check signing. Periodic reconciliation of your checkbook. Administration of medical claim  forms. Monthly accounting of all income and expenses with a summary report each period.

Financial Planning Services

At Canon Capital Investment Advisory we believe a successful financial program develops over months and years and is constantly evolving to adjust to changes in family circumstances and changes in tax law.

Whether planning for your retirement, devising an estate plan or planning for your children’s education, we can  help you obtain your goals by assisting you through the financial planning process.

This process includes an analysis of your: assets and liabilities, monthly cash flow, life and disability insurance contracts, employee benefits, retirement plans, and wills and trusts.

From this data, we will provide you with a current balance sheet, income tax statement, estate tax analysis, and cash flow analysis. These statements will be a starting point to begin planning for your future and reveal any immediate actions which may be necessary before  proceeding to other steps. Based on your financial knowledge, we will develop a plan to meet your goals.

Our plans will include recommendations for: Income and estate tax planning, Retirement planning, Cash flow management, Education funding, Investment strategies, Life and disability insurance planning, Family/generational planning, and Trust administration.

Once a plan is developed, it must be implemented. We look forward to developing and implementing strategies for you to meet your financial goals. We will work closely with your  attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and other advisors. Our ongoing monitoring is designed to assure you that we will be available and prepared to meet your ever-changing financial needs.

Investment Services

Members of our staff have successfully completed the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination and the General Securities Examination administered by the National Association of Securities Dealers.

When designing an investment portfolio, we review a number of factors with our clients. Some of these factors include risk tolerance, income taxes, retirement needs, and educational needs. From this information we develop a  model portfolio for you. Based on the model portfolio, we select investments that are appropriate for your needs. Some of the investment vehicles we use include no-load mutual funds,  stocks and bonds.

Our Mission

To assist our Clients in achieving their goals and in obtaining satisfaction by providing innovative, high-quality, personalized service; to provide an environment that will allow the members of our firm to grow individually recognizing the  importance of family to each member; to be giving members in our profession and community; to maintain the highest level of professional ethics and independence; and to recognize that  success is not necessarily defined by money or status, but by happiness in our daily lives.

To ensure that the client ultimately obtains the greatest benefit, we look at all  aspects of our clients’ financial position. Our firm is strictly fee-only which means we do not have the potential bias of having to make commission sales, therefore we can always be objective and keep the clients’ best interests first and foremost. We are our clients’ greatest advocate and realize that our growth and well-being is dependent upon how well we assist our  clients’ growth and well-being.

We stress the right of privacy and confidentiality regarding our clients’ personal and business information. Our relationships are built on trust and we will do everything in our power to earn and ensure that trust.

How we take advantage of the Internet

By giving our clients the ability to access information concerning their accounts. We use the internet to gather investment information which we pass along to our clients. We also use the internet to individually communicate with our clients.

These tools help in our search for sound investment opportunities, as well as in our effort to track them. Not only is the Net a useful tool when we are initially looking for a new company to invest in, but it is also useful for tracking news and earnings changes for the companies we have already bought, or identified as a potential buy.

This tracking is done automatically and electronically so that we do not have to rely on memory, or manual systems to do it. Each day our electronic  mail-boxes are filled with press releases, earnings changes, and key stories effecting the stocks and industries that we own or are considering the purchase of.