Our Mission

To assist our Clients in achieving their goals and in obtaining satisfaction by providing innovative, high-quality, personalized service; to provide an environment that will allow the members of our firm to grow individually recognizing the  importance of family to each member; to be giving members in our profession and community; to maintain the highest level of professional ethics and independence; and to recognize that  success is not necessarily defined by money or status, but by happiness in our daily lives.

To ensure that the client ultimately obtains the greatest benefit, we look at all  aspects of our clients’ financial position. Our firm is strictly fee-only which means we do not have the potential bias of having to make commission sales, therefore we can always be objective and keep the clients’ best interests first and foremost. We are our clients’ greatest advocate and realize that our growth and well-being is dependent upon how well we assist our  clients’ growth and well-being.

We stress the right of privacy and confidentiality regarding our clients’ personal and business information. Our relationships are built on trust and we will do everything in our power to earn and ensure that trust.

How we take advantage of the Internet

By giving our clients the ability to access information concerning their accounts. We use the internet to gather investment information which we pass along to our clients. We also use the internet to individually communicate with our clients.

These tools help in our search for sound investment opportunities, as well as in our effort to track them. Not only is the Net a useful tool when we are initially looking for a new company to invest in, but it is also useful for tracking news and earnings changes for the companies we have already bought, or identified as a potential buy.

This tracking is done automatically and electronically so that we do not have to rely on memory, or manual systems to do it. Each day our electronic  mail-boxes are filled with press releases, earnings changes, and key stories effecting the stocks and industries that we own or are considering the purchase of.