Financial Planning Services

At Canon Capital Investment Advisory we believe a successful financial program develops over months and years and is constantly evolving to adjust to changes in family circumstances and changes in tax law.

Whether planning for your retirement, devising an estate plan or planning for your children’s education, we can  help you obtain your goals by assisting you through the financial planning process.

This process includes an analysis of your: assets and liabilities, monthly cash flow, life and disability insurance contracts, employee benefits, retirement plans, and wills and trusts.

From this data, we will provide you with a current balance sheet, income tax statement, estate tax analysis, and cash flow analysis. These statements will be a starting point to begin planning for your future and reveal any immediate actions which may be necessary before  proceeding to other steps. Based on your financial knowledge, we will develop a plan to meet your goals.

Our plans will include recommendations for: Income and estate tax planning, Retirement planning, Cash flow management, Education funding, Investment strategies, Life and disability insurance planning, Family/generational planning, and Trust administration.

Once a plan is developed, it must be implemented. We look forward to developing and implementing strategies for you to meet your financial goals. We will work closely with your  attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and other advisors. Our ongoing monitoring is designed to assure you that we will be available and prepared to meet your ever-changing financial needs.