Canon Capital Management Group Names Craig Covington to the Firm as Unitholder

We are proud to announce the admission of Craig Covington to the firm as a unitholder. Craig joined our Technologies business unit in 1998.

Craig serves as a Technical Consultant on the Canon Capital Technologies team, guiding business clients through all aspects of Managed IT Services, Network Security, Data Backup & Recovery, and Help Desk Support. He also leads sales and marketing for the Technologies business unit.

“Craig has been an invaluable asset to our Technologies business unit, providing leadership and expertise in his care for our clients,” said Michael Witter, managing director of Canon Capital Certified Public Accountants and co-founder of Canon Capital Management Group. “His dedication to our mission of excellence is demonstrated every day, and we are proud to welcome him as a unitholder.”

Craig holds a Business degree from Delaware Valley College, an MBA in Marketing from LaSalle University, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

“Joining Canon Capital over 20 years ago was one of the wisest decisions I have made,” said Covington. “It didn’t take me long to realize that this company truly cares about the success and well-being of its employees. Because of the leadership team’s commitment to biblical values, I am blessed to be able to effectively balance work and family while raising my four kids — a personal goal I set early on in my marriage. For that I am forever thankful. That, combined with their desire to maintain the highest integrity when serving clients has created the ideal workplace.”

“I was excited to be presented with the opportunity to join the leadership team and participate in carrying on this tradition of excellence,” Covington added. “I look forward to working alongside the other unitholders as we position Canon Capital to meet the needs of our clients and staff well into the future.”

Covington also serves as executive director of Healthy Neighbors International, a non-profit medical missions organization serving in Nicaragua. Craig resides in Doylestown with his wife and has four children. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Canon Capital Management Group provides a sole source of financial and business services: Accounting, Payroll, Technologies, and Wealth Management. For more information, contact us online or call 215-723-4881.

Elm Terrace Gardens Technical Support Request

Computer Recycling Program

In an effort to support our environment, provide our customers with a cost-effective, easy way to dispose of their unused computer equipment and comply with local equipment disposal laws, we are announcing a new computer equipment recycling program. Here’s how it works:

At your request, we will recycle your used computer equipment for you. Computers will have their hard drives rendered inoperable (so that there is no possibility of anyone extracting data from them). We will then transport your equipment to a certified computer equipment recycling center for proper disposal.

To encourage as much participation in this program as possible, we are keeping the fee for this service to a minimum. To have your computers recycled, simply:

  1. Complete the form below, indicating the quantity of each item to be recycled
  2. Drop your equipment off at our office (along with this form), or give your equipment to one of our staff persons when they are at your office for another engagement
  3. We will send you an invoice for the service fee

Computer Equipment Recycling Program (PDF)

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We take the worry out of your computer system management. From cyber threat management to data back-up, we work with you to address your concerns and make sure your systems are working for you.

Are You Prepared for the End of Windows 7?

If you’re one of the estimated 40%+ of businesses still running the outdated Windows 7 platform, consider this your wake-up call: time is nearly up for this tried-and-true operating system. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. That means no more updates (security or otherwise) will be offered by the company from that date forward.

The clock’s been ticking on Windows 7 ever since Microsoft ended mainstream support back in 2015, and while it’s important to note that Windows 7 will still technically be usable after next January, this upcoming shift will spell trouble for users who’ve stuck it out to the platform’s bitter end.

If you’re running a business this is a risk you can’t afford. It’s time to contact your IT provider and make preparations to upgrade – preferably well in advance of the January 14, 2020 deadline. Whether you’re planning on seamlessly transitioning to Windows 10 or moving on to an alternative operating system, this is a task that needs to be at the top of your list.

Since Windows 7 will continue to work after January 14, you may wonder why you can’t just stick it out and keep using the platform. The answer is you can, but you absolutely shouldn’t. In fact, the risks and problems this decision would pose to your business make an upgrade less of a decision and more of an eventuality.

First, Windows 7 will become progressively more unstable as modern hardware continues to outpace the software. Modern software is already not being designed with Windows 7 in mind. This includes old software that’s been upgraded since the world moved on from the operating system in 2015. As technological progress continues at breakneck speed, more and more key programs will become unusable in Windows 7.

The same goes for hardware. Tech equipment advances exponentially year by year. In order to take advantage of these massive improvements, you’ll need an operating system equipped to handle these new capabilities and features. What’s more, as the hardware progresses, it may become incompatible with Windows 7 altogether.

However, these are small concerns when compared to the future security of your network. Cybercriminals are certain to flock to the operating system after support ends, eager to pick off easy targets left vulnerable by the lack of ongoing security updates.

As time goes on, new vulnerabilities are discovered in even the most well-designed operating systems. To fight against hackers, developers continuously search for ways to remove these security gaps and they release them in the form of patches. With every annoying update you’re forced to install on your machine, you’re staving off would-be opportunists on the hunt for their next victim.

After Windows 7’s end of life these security updates and patches will dry up. That means that any users still on the platform – and there will be a lot of them – will be exposed to the increasingly crafty exploits used by hackers. Cybercriminals, attracted to the lowest-hanging fruit, will come for Windows 7 users, eager to pick at the scraps.

Staying on an operating system after it’s no longer supported is like leaving the digital door open on your business—don’t do it!

At this point we are only four months out from the Windows 7 end-of-life date. That may seem like a lot of time but when it comes time to actually make the transition, you’ll need all the time you can get. Upgrading dozens, hundreds or even thousands of PCs is more laborious than you probably realize. And with so many other companies scrambling to do the same toward the end of the year, IT providers are likely to get bogged down with service requests.

Instead of putting it off to the last minute and potentially leaving yourself vulnerable, contact your IT provider as soon as possible to initiate the upgrade process. You’ll leave yourself ample time to iron out any issues as they arise without the added pressure of an imminent deadline.

When your business is on the line, it just doesn’t make sense to delay. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Make preparations to leave Windows 7 behind today!

If you are in need of an IT provider, contact us today to discuss how we can be of service.

Canon Capital Payroll Services is Hiring! Part-time Payroll Processor Position Available

We are hiring! We currently have an opening for a Payroll Processor. This position is responsible for processing payrolls and general payroll support. This position requires excellent communication, organization, and interpersonal skills. The ideal candidate must be detail-oriented, flexible, and able to handle multiple tasks and deadlines. Payroll processing experience is required. Canon Capital offers excellent pay and flexible hours are possible.

Interested parties should mail their resume to:

PO Box 228
Harleysville, PA 19438

Resumes may also be sent via fax (215-723-1487) or email.

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Alderfer, Rebecca

Administrative Assistant

Becky joined Canon Capital in 2002. Prior to Canon Capital, she worked for an auto dealership and computer software company. She attended Montgomery County Community College for business. She resides in Tylersport with her husband and they have three children and nine grandchildren. Becky is active in her church and enjoys making crafts and baking. She also loves to take her vacations in Duck, North Carolina.


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