Preparing for Digital Assets – Present and Future

Preparing for Digital Assets – Present and Future

As we pass the one-year mark of COVID-19, we are faced with changes in our personal lives which include pieces from the “old normal” and the “new normal.” While we are slowly getting back to living aspects of our lives as we did before the COVID-19 pandemic, there appear to be remaining complexities related to relationships, supply-chains, risk management, and our overall financial health.

We at Canon Capital Wealth Management want to assure you that we remain focused on assisting you as we all move into this new future together.

One of the hot topics in our world right now is the acceleration of digital transformation through new technological advancements and the opportunities for investing. Blockchain and cryptocurrency offerings such as Bitcoin and other digital assets have grown in prominence over the past year. While these areas are high risk because they are complicated and very new, we are paying attention to their rapid evolution. As a part of our commitment to educate ourselves and our clients, we have taken the initiative and will begin formal training through RIA Digital Assets Council (RIADAC) for our investment advisors this spring. When digital assets become available in registered security formats, we are positioned to be ahead of the curve and prepared to assist you.

Learn more about RIADAC, including their predictions for the digital asset space in 2021.

Please reach out to our team if you wish to understand the current options for participating in this uncharted but potentially promising space.

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