Make Time for Tech Tools

Make Time for Tech Tools

For every tech tool available to you, there is also the consideration of the time it will take to set up and begin using it. The key is to find the tool that is right for your current needs.

Here are several tech tools we recommend, especially as many companies continue their work from home plans.

Quality Communication Devices

Something as simple as a $15 headset and a $30 webcam from Amazon can make a world of difference in the quality of your communication with co-workers and clients versus using the mic and camera built into a laptop or just using your cell phone.

Communication Apps

No matter which one you choose — Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. — being able to communicate quickly with your team helps increase a sense of relationship and allows for continued efficient group work.


Establish a set of security items – especially when employees are working on public WiFi or unknown personal networks. This could be using a VPN, turning on multifactor authentication, upgrading antivirus and antimalware programs, requiring the use of a password manager, or a combination of these and other security items.

Status Boards

The use of an In/Out or status application or website helps the entire company easily see whether someone is ‘in’ or not. This is especially useful if your team is completely or partially remote, has flexible schedules, or if there are individuals who don’t work every day/all day.

Phone App

Even if your business phone provider doesn’t have their own mobile app that employees can install on their smartphone to manage work calls, there are free third-party apps, like Bria and GrandStream Wave, which work with many different providers to allow employees to keep work and personal calls separate.

If you would like more information on any of these tools, or if you have a specific situation you would like to discuss, contact Craig Covington at 215-723-4881 x129 to arrange for your free Technology Review.

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