A Message from Canon Capital Regarding COVID-19

A Message from Canon Capital Regarding COVID-19

To our valued clients,

Canon Capital has been monitoring the coronavirus-related events, focusing on the health and safety of our clients and our staff, and doing what we can to reduce any negative effects of the coronavirus on our broader community.

Recognizing the importance of continued communication in financial services, even in challenging circumstances, we would like to encourage a practice referred to as “social distancing”: reducing the probability of contact between persons not carrying an infection and others who may be carriers. Our goal is to do what we can to reduce disease transmission, and any negative results arising from such transmission, while still providing a high level of client service.

While we have not seen instances of coronavirus firsthand, we have developed procedures and contingency plans in the event of an expansion of the pandemic. We have initiated steps to make our office facility safer. We have a flexible employee work policy to accommodate employee illness or that of their families. As a result of leveraging technology, our employees can comfortably perform their roles remotely from their homes or other locations when necessary.

At this point we would like to stress that whenever possible, non-physical communication with us through our technology resources is the prudent approach. We encourage you to communicate via email and traditional phone interaction, particularly in the event you have recently traveled overseas. Video conferencing may also be an option in certain circumstances.

These are challenging times, and we want to encourage everyone to take reasonable steps for protecting their health. Thank you for joining us as we all do our part to help our community.

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