2011 Tax Planning Guide

As always, the goal of our firm is to help you plan effective tax strategies and save money. To help achieve this goal, we’re pleased to provide you with our 2011 Tax Planning Guide.
Because tax laws change often, understanding the current opportunities and the timeframe available to benefit from them is important. Besides reviewing significant dates for optimal savings, we also offer several ways to help minimize your tax bill.
In addition, we highlight and explain significant tax reform for 2011, which includes the following:

A two-year extension of reduced rates on individual income and dividends/capital gains
The reinstatement of the Federal estate tax
An extension of the marriage penalty relief, education tax breaks, and other tax breaks for families
Enhanced Section 179 expensing amounts and bonus depreciation for businesses
An extension of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
A new, one-year payroll deduction for employees

Please take a moment to review our 2011 Tax Planning Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. For additional information, we invite you to visit our Tax Guide Online website www.taxguideonline.com/canoncapital.
Canon Capital is here to guide you through the tax planning process from start to finish. We hope you will take advantage of our resources to maximize your 2011 tax savings.
P.S. We appreciate referrals. Tell your business associates and friends to call for a free copy of our 2011 Tax Planning Guide.

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