Canon Capital is Co-working in Lancaster, PA!

You are likely aware by now that earlier this year Canon Capital combined offices to our new location in Harleysville, PA. But did you know that we have a satellite location in Lancaster, PA? Wealth Management has expanded to a co-working space called The Candy Factory, where full-time Investment Advisor, Marissa Illingworth, works. She shares her co-working experience in this blog post.

What is co-working?

For those who might not know, co-working is a community of professionals who all share space while working independently. The Candy Factory is comprised of a half-city-block compound offering conference rooms, video call booths, an event space, shared workspaces, a media production room, and private offices. Members also share and collaborate at lunch-and-learns, networking events, social clubs, and professional development services. No, there is no candy onsite; the name comes from the original building, a historic candy factory in downtown Lancaster.

What is the benefit?

It is hard to pick just one single benefit. I have truly felt inspired by the community and remain excited to enter the space daily. The unique aspect is working alongside other professionals who are not traditional co-workers. Instead of going through the same things, or perhaps having competition, you can really engage across fields and learn and share with each other. It is very cool to see so many people doing what they love. It also provides me with opportunities to socialize and expand our network.

How do you keep up?

My passion is truly for technology in business solutions, so working remotely does not hinder me. My entire office fits into one backpack – a laptop, portable second screen, mouse, headphones, and business cards. I can turn on a hotspot and work anywhere – from a train, airport, or car! In the co-working space, I do have a desk with monitors, and I do keep a printer at home. I find it exciting to keep my digital desk organized. With cloud storage and electronic communication tools, I am constantly in touch with clients and coworkers.

While it isn’t for everyone, I think more and more industries will move to remote/flexible work environments. With a little routine (and a great space to focus), it is very sustainable. When I am working, I am entirely focused, and when I’m not, I don’t have to worry about a long commute or bad weather. I believe it makes me more productive and more available.

What do you think about co-working? Could your business or industry work that way? If you have any questions, I’m always happy to chat!