Health Care’s New Electronic Marketplace First came self managed 401(k)’s. Get ready for self-managed medical plans and the multibillion dollar internet marketplace they will spawn.  Publisher: Author: J. Philip Lathrop, Gary D. Ahiquist and Daivd G. Knott


Is your company’s benefit plan the best it can be? Do you have any concerns or questions about it? Considering your 401(k) plan, for instance:

  • Are you getting good service at a reasonable price?
  • Do employees understand the plan and their investment options?
  • Is investment performance meeting your expectations?
  • Are you concerned about fiduciary responsibility and potential liabilities?
  • Can employees access their plan account information and perform basic transactions on-line?
  • Are you getting prompt, personal attention?

We’re the “daily-valuation” expert.  We specialize in 401(k) problem solving and in maximizing the value of 401(k) plans for employers and employees. Clients enjoy our:

  • Obsessive handholding throughout all statges of the plan administration cycle
  • Relentless focus on maximizing contributions made on behalf of the owners/key personnel, while keeping the expense for the employees’ company contributions in check
  • Abundant, diverse participant investment education and advisory
  • Quick report turn-around time

Employee Benefits Overview

  • Plan Installation
  • Participant Record Keeping
  • Compliance Testing
  • Investment Advisory & Education
  • Government Forms Preparation

Our consultants custom tailor each program to best meet the employer-client’s needs, while still providing a benefit appreciated by the employees:

1.   Retirement Plans

  • SEP’s
  • SAR-SEP’s (Pre-1997 plans are grandfathered)
  • SIMPLE plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans, including New-Comparability
  • 401(k) Plans
  • 403(b) Plans

2.   College Savings

  • 529 Plans

3.   Cafeteria Plans

  • Premium Only Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts