We take the hassle out of payroll

We take the hassle out of payroll

We provide unparalleled support and personal service. Our reputation for providing accurate, on-time payroll makes us different from the competition We customize our services to match your company’s individual needs to serve any size group or program.

We offer competitive prices and responsive service.   Our competitive fees keep your payroll costs down while our in-house expertise adds value to the payroll process. With the support of our Certified Public Accounting and Computer Solutions departments, Canon Capital can answer your questions quickly and be responsive to your special needs.

We eliminate the pain of in-house payroll processing. By providing services not always available with other payroll groups, such as withholding and reporting local and LST taxes, Canon Capital takes the effort out of payroll. From the simple conversion and start-up through comprehensive, easy-to-read reporting, our payroll services save you time, money and stress.

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Our Standard Payroll Service Includes

  • Payroll Checks/Direct Deposit Vouchers
  • Gross-to-net Check Register
  • Departmental Summary
  • Tax Liability Summary
  • Employee Time Worksheet
  • Federal & State Withholding Tax Deposits (Coupon or Electronic)
  • Quarterly Tax Returns prepared signature ready, including:
    • Federal Form 941
    • State quarterly Wage Return
    • State quarterly unemployment return
    • Local quarterly return
    • LST quarterly return
  • Annual W3 federal and state recap
  • Annual Federal Unemployment Form 940